• software

    Our software library includes various ready-to-use software packages, and others which can be customised according to customer requirements for centrifugal fans, axial fans, air processing analysis, systems and centrifugal pumps.

  • Design

    The company’s planning and design services include the following departments:- mechanical design, ventilation system design, fluid dynamics analysis.

  • Consultancy

    FMS provides consultancy services for all types of companies and/or private individuals wishing to purchase our products or who operate in the same field. We also take part in large projects relating to public and/or private works contracts. We have a team of highly qualified, specialist personnel at your disposal.

  • Fans

    Our technical staff can boast several years of experience gained in the field of industrial design and production, and especially in fluid machinery, ventilation/suction machines, pneumatic conveying and heat transmission systems, developing software support tools for the design, production, testing and document compilation phases of the product’s technical/commercial solution.