FLUID-MEC-SOFT s.a.s. has its headquarters in Colle Brianza (LC) and was established in 1997 as the natural progression of professional activity which commenced at the beginning of the ‘80s, in the industrial engineering sector in business consultancy and design.

Initially, activity mainly involved direct customer support during the design, optimisation and engineering phases for centrifugal and axial fans.

Over time this activity expanded, with the development of mechanical and air processing design software, in addition to customised graphical modelling software for the performance characteristics of the aforementioned equipment.

Fluid-Mec-Soft s.a.s. operates in a specific manufacturing niche – industrial centrifugal and axial fans.

The company mainly deals with industrial centrifugal and axial fan manufacturers, and manufacturers of pneumatic conveying systems and low pressure suction/blowing systems.