Axial fan selection

General description
The program selects axial fans within the range set in the database, which correspond to the flow rate and pressure requirements set by the user. The selection is accompanied by graphs of fan performance (Hsta-Q, Htot-Q, Nab-Q, Eff-Q , Lpa-Q where Hsta = static pressure, Htot = total pressure, Nab absorbed power, Eff- efficiency, Lpa= sound pressure level and Q = flow rate) during operating conditions and the fan outline drawing if required. These graphs are displayed on the screen and can be printed. There is a module to compile the technical/commercial solution for the selected fan – commercial information for the solution, performance data and related graphs are printed on the same page.

A specific page which can be accessed by the user makes it possible to set a wide range of properties including units of measurement, selection outline conditions (e.g. maximum power drawn etc.), and type of sorting for the fans selected etc. SELFAN can be provided as an independent software package with a pre-built database, compiled by FLUID-MEC-SOFT, or an integrated software solution can be chosen, which has database management software. In this case the customer creates the database.

SELFAN can be customised on specific customer request and can be created in several languages.

Request a design specification of the standard version of the software in Italian or English via e-mail.