Blow Mec
Mechanical analysis for centrifugal fans. General description
On the basis of the general geometric layout of the various fan components (blade, blade guard, rotor, hub and shaft) and the manufacturing materials used, the program performs static mechanical scaling of these parts. After scaling the shaft its lateral critical speed is calculated with a simplified method; a special menu enables the dynamic analysis of the shaft with the finite element method (FEM) – here the first 3 lateral critical speeds of the shaft are determined. Once scaling has been completed FEM analysis for the individual blade, the complete rotor or the transmission shaft can be performed. The software package has a module (Acq_Mat) which allows the user to create a library of manufacturing materials with mechanical characteristics as a function of operating temperature. The sequential calculation procedure and the very simple graphical display make the software easy to use and requires minimal user training.



BLOW MEC can be provided in Italian, English or French. The software can be customised on specific customer request and interfaced with the CARATT air processing analysis software package.

Request the design specification of the standard version of the software in Italian or English via e-mail.