Centrifugal fan selection

General description
The program selects one or more centrifugal fans within the range set in the database, which correspond to the flow rate and pressure requirements stipulated by the user. The performance graphs for the fan selected under operating conditions are displayed in the same window. The following physical quantities
are shown as a function of flow rate on one Cartesian plane: static or total pressure depending on user settings, absorbed power at fan shaft, efficiency,level of sound power and pressure, both total and in the octave frequency band, and circuit pressure on the basis of user settings. These graphs can be displayed on a full screen, saved in an image file format and printed. When graphs are displayed on a full screen it is possible to see the performance characteristics in digital form next to the position of the mouse cursor, by moving the mouse and clicking on the left mouse button. Considering that the effective operating point of the system (fan + circuit) is shown by the intersection point between the fan pressure curve and the circuit pressure curve, this functionality is especially useful in the case of fans
coupled to the motor directly. A module is provided to calculate the startup times for the selected fan.It is possible to display and print the outline drawings for the selected fan, equipped with numerical values and in accordance with the stipulated configuration, in addition to the 16 classic orientations for the outlet vent.A special module, which includes all the selection data involved, enables the secure, rapid compilation of the technical/commercial solution for the selected fan. BLOWER can be provided as an independent software package with a pre-built database, compiled by FLUID-MEC-SOFT, or an integrated software solution can be chosen, which has database management software included. In this case the customer creates the database.BLOWER can be provided
in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, or in other European or Asian languages. The software can be customised on specific customer request.
Request the design specification of the standard version of the software in Italian or English via e-mail.