Air processing analysis for centrifugal fans 

General description
The program performs the air processing analysis for centrifugal fans on the basis of the geometric design entered by the user.
The following types of blades can be considered:

  • backward-curved blades
  • backward-inclined flat blades
  • flat radial blades
  • forward curved blades (blade entry and exit in front)
  • ‘sirocco’ blades (blades with entry behind and exit in front)

The spiral can be assigned by the user or calculated by the program.
The calculation is equipped with graphs of fan performance (Htot-Q,
Nass-Q, h-Q , Lpa-Q where Htot = total pressure, Nab = absorbed power, Lpa= sound pressure level and Q = flow rate), a drawing of the rotor in axial and lateral views, and a drawing of the spiral (ideal or user-assigned). These dimensional drawings can be saved in AUTOCAD DFX format.

Caratt can be provided in Italian, English or French. The software can be customised on specific customer request and interfaced with the BLOW_MEC mechanical analysis software.

Download technical information

Download technical information. Request the design specification of the standard version of the software in Italian or English via e-mail.