Tracing of characteristic curves for centrifugal fans 

General description
Curcar traces characteristic curves for centrifugal fans.The user can set:

  • fluid density;
  • flow rate units of measurement;
  • pressure units of measurement;
  • the range of the number of curve revolutions (minimum and maximum revolution numbers)
  • curve representation scales – logarithmic and linear/quadratic
  • the inclusion or exclusion of equipotential lines
  • the inclusion or exclusion of boundary lines for configuration categories
  • the inclusion or exclusion of lines of equal sound pressure
  • the thickness of the various representative lines in the case of printing graphs
  • characteristic curves for non-standard fans (larger or smaller rotor diameter)

Curcar can be provided as an independent software package with a pre-built database, compiled by FLUID-MEC-SOFT, or an integrated software solution can be chosen, which has database management software included. In this case the customer creates the database.

Curcar can be provided in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, or in other European and Asian languages. The software can be customised on specific customer request.

a design specification of the standard version of the software in Italian or English via e-mail.